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#cyberpunkNOW Available in Print!

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If you’ve been waiting to hold a print copy of the London Reader, the first standalone Anthology Edition is here in time for the holidays!

Introducing #cyberpunkNOW and the Dystopian Moment, The London Reader Volume One! Available now from Amazon in paperback as well as on kindle.

Alongside cyberpunk stories from the present and near future, #cyberpunkNOW and the Dystopian Moment features interviews with the founders of cyberpunk and sci-fi greats, William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, and Kim Stanley Robinson. Volume One also includes a brand-new dystopian tech-thriller story from Lena Ng, author of Under an Autumn Moon.

The London Reader is cooperatively produced, so #cyberpunkNOW is owned by its contributors. When you buy a copy, you get a great collection of stories, poetry, and interviews, and the authors inside share the purchase price.

Read great writers. Support great writing. 

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