The London Reader is looking for submissions that fit specific themes for upcoming issues. Deadlines are ongoing and will be posted as they approach. At this time, there is an open call for creative writing in the following categories:

  • Writing and reflections on travel for Wish You Were Here
  • Stories of mental health for Words from Within
  • Minifiction of any topic

Email your submissions or submission pitches to

Submissions can be any length, from 142 characters to 10,000 words, but pieces are weighed in favour of shorter works. Visual art that can be favourably viewed on a smartphone or tablet is also considered.

Place “SUBMISSION” and the issue you are submitting for in the subject line, and please also include a personal statement in the body of the e-mail describing what inspired you to write your submission. Indicate whether you have been published before and whether the submitted pieces have been published elsewhere.

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