London Lost

Stories in a Changing City

London is the city of Shakespeare’s Globe and the birthplace of grime. It is a city of divisions and a city of inequality. It is a city of strangers meeting like marbles in a machine. It is a city packed with pointless jobs at the end of long, cramped commutes. A city stuffed with box rooms, damp and draughty shared accommodations, where strangers share meals standing shoulder-to-shoulder in tight kitchens. London is also the most visited English-language tourist destination. London is a city of millions of long-term and short-term Londoners. A city of royalty, of Lords and Ladies, and a city of landowners and squatters. But London is ever changing.

London Lost features stories, poetry, and art about London and Londoners by Liam Hogan, Morgan Parks, Natasha Bonfield, Rob McClure Smith, Maroula Blades, Alex Zalben, SA MacLeod, Ethan O’Connor, Robin Cantwell, Madeleine McDonald, Janina Aza Karpinska, Barbara Saunders, Susie Aybar, Ruth Holzer, Maija Haavisto, Maximilian Damico, Nick Sweeney, David Winston, Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier, Sasha Saben Callaghan, and Mark Anthony Jarman. In addition Ashley Hickson-Lovence, author of The 392, speaks about capturing a city in fiction.

This volume of the London Reader is our complicated love note to the city we call home: to our packed commutes, to our thin walls and our neighbours on the other side, and yes, even to the tourists standing on Oxford Street, or on the wrong side of the escalator. This volume, like London itself, is more than the sum of its parts. London is a complex mess of tube lines and interconnected stories, but it’s also so much more than that.

London is anyone. London is everyone.

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