The Hate Speech Monologues

This issue of the London Reader brings you heartbreakingly personal stories of experiences of hate from around the world. From stories of escaping genocide or mass-murder, to dealing with hate in the home, the classroom, or on the street, the Hate Speech Monologues deals with the ugly realities of prejudice in the wider world, but it carries with it the hope that hate can be overcome.

Each of the pieces selected for this issue of the London Reader was originally performed on the stage. They were written from personal experiences and presented by the writers. These storytellers come from all over the world, but shared a stage together in Budapest as part of the original ‘Hate Speech’ Monologues. This issue of the London Reader presents some of the most powerful and compelling narratives and poems performed at the ‘Hate Speech’ Monologues in celebration of its fifth anniversary. This issue stands as a tribute to the power of stories to build connections and to stand up to hate.

Drawing on their own personal experiences of hate and discrimination, this issue features personal stories and poetry from: the award-winning poet and TEDx Talk speaker Nilofer Khan Habibullah; Mariya Parodi, Communications Associate for the International Rescue Committee; Elizabeth Joy Loudon; Philippe-Edner Marius; Sarah Ahmed; Ruth Simister; Jacob Verhagen; and more. This issue also features interviews with the academic Theodore M. Shaw and author Ibram X. Kendi on hate speech and racism in America.

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