Free Issue!

Divisions: Stories of Inequality, Poverty, and Struggle

We began working on this new collection of creative writing before the arrival of the COVID-19 crisis but when the early warning signs of a global recession were worsening all around us. We wanted to bring together illuminating and empowering stories of inequality and hardship before the next downturn hit. It turns out our issue couldn’t have been more prophetic or more poorly timed. We’re now releasing our Spring 2020 issue at the start of one of the worst recessions in history when communities around the globe are experiencing record layoffs and lost wages at the height of a global health emergency.

This issue is one of emotional solidarity and poignant truths that, for one reason or another, many need in their lives right now. For this reason, we’re releasing the PDF of the issue for free. If you’ve been looking for new reading material to get you through social isolation and the hard times ahead, this is for you. Follow the link below:

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If you’re interested in powerful, contemporary stories told by authors with their finger on the beating pulse of this troubling moment, read on.

With love and solidarity,
The London Reader Editorial Team